The school

For more than 20 years the Fondazione Studio Marangoni has been a leader in the training and promotion of the culture of both national and international photography, and is recognised for the exceptional quality and high level of professionalism of its teaching staff.

Studio Marangoni was founded by the photographer Martino Marangoni at the end of the 1980s for American photography students, and soon became a centre of excellence for contemporary photography.
It was one of the first in Italy to offer such a vast program of cultural activities, which includes seminars and conferences with world famous photographers and critics, and a program of photography courses at all levels.

In 1991 the Three – Year Photography Course was created to enable young photographers to express themselves at the highest level in both commercial and artistic environments. This was made possible thanks to detailed work on the structure and experimentation of visual language.
The Fondazione Studio Marangoni was established in 1992, with the support of Kodak Italy and important names of Italian photography, like Gabriele Basilico and George Tage. It was recognised by decree of the Minister of the Interior in 1994.

To date, thanks to the short courses, the international workshops, and the collaboration with foreign companies and universities, more than x thousend students have cultivated their passion for photography.

Thanks to the establishment, and to the three year courses, over 140 students have graduated, and lots of them have since become important artists and professionals, well known in Italy and all around the world.